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Do you know 96% of people use search engines to look for legal services? And 75% of them don’t scroll past the first set of results visible on their screen. In fact, over 70% of people prefer reading online blogs instead of ads to get their queries answered and learn about your law agency.

Whether you want to start your law firm or expand into other areas of practice, law firm SEO is what will get you there.

What is SEO for Law Firms

Law firm SEO helps your website rank much higher than your competitors in the search results for a targeted phrase or keyword that your potential clients are searching. 


For example, suppose you are a personal injury attorney practicing in Des Moines, Iowa. Ideally, you’d want people to find your website when they search for “personal injury attorney Iowa” or “personal injury attorney in Des Moines”. 

However, to appear on the first page of search results (and on the top of the list), you need to have your law business website optimized for search engines with an authority on these two and other similar keywords. 

The higher you rank on the search engines, the more your chances increase to get new personal injury cases.

As mentioned, the search is the go-to of many people looking for legal services. While social media and word of mouth are important, online search nearly always dictates the research stage.

Some components of SEO also can grow their advantages over time. For instance, content creation gives two opportunities: 


  • The possibility to rank for more keywords 
  • The potential for natural link building via an exceptionally well-crafted content piece

How Law Firm SEO Works?

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl websites on the internet, classifying them and indexing them in what would be the world’s biggest library. When you look for something online, you’re putting in a request to the library. Search engines then use machine learning and artificial intelligence to decode your search phrase and shell out websites you’ll find beneficial.

This is where SEO enters the scene. Unlike humans, search engine crawlers understand a different language called HTML. Therefore, they need some additional help to decide the context of a website so they can properly index it.

By optimizing your law business website for search, you’re using particular strategies (such as adding in extra code bits and structuring your site in a specific manner) that serve as captions and make it easier for crawlers to understand, sort, and index every webpage.

Do You Really Need Law Firm SEO?

SEO for law firms enables you to offer your services to your clients at their time and place of convenience without being pushy about your services. Here are some reasons why you need law firm SEO:



Targeted Traffic – More customers looking for a local legal service in your area will find you by simply typing in their query. This filters out users who might visit your site but are of no use to you. By optimizing your website with attorney SEO, you ensure that you become the first choice for the right audience.


More Cases & Clients – Law firm SEO helps you target the right keywords. This increases your chance of ranking high on the search engine results page (SERP). And higher ranking translates into increased traffic, more new cases and clients, and better income.


Improved ROI – Amidst cut-throat competition, investing in law firm SEO will increase your chances to get ahead of other firms in your area. As compared to other digital marketing strategies for law businesses, SEO offers a better return on investment (ROI).


Higher Visibility – The most vital advantage of SEO for attorneys is the ability to share relevant legal content. This empowers your law practice to become easily discoverable within search results. Well-researched and engaging content on your site notifies both users and search engines that your website includes valuable info that’s related to what people are looking for.


Authority Building – Blogging regularly as part of SEO and uploading new case studies on your site can increase the probability of users finding your law business to be an authority and updated with changes in the legal industry.


Established Position – The higher your site ranks in search engines, the more established your law practice will be in the target market. That’s because clients often perceive higher-ranked law businesses as more reliable and qualified than those ranked lower or on other pages.

Build Your Brand With Our Attorney SEO Services

Irrespective of your law firm’s focus, there’s guaranteed to be competition. In the world of law, things can get intense. With our tried-and-trusted SEO practices, you can easily put yourself ahead of your competition without spending much time or money on your legal marketing. 


We know it looks like a lot of work at the beginning, but once your site is well-optimized and you start following the best attorney SEO practices, customers will come rolling in. Your search engine ranking determines the amount of traffic your website receives, which ultimately influences the amount of revenue it generates. When correctly implemented, organic SEO can also lead to positive long-term outcomes and an extended position at the top of the search engine results page.

Boost your ranking with our strategic SEO services for law businesses. We have years of experience in delivering targeted attorney SEO campaigns that boost search engine rankings for our clients in Iowa and beyond. We are equipped with all the right tools and technologies to ensure full transparency via robust analytics and reporting. 


Our legal marketing specialists can assist as your outsourced marketing team to develop SEO tactics for your business with practical, measurable goals. Moreover, we can partner with your existing in-house marketers to create an online marketing strategy that best suits your unique requirements. To learn more about our law firm SEO, or to schedule a legal marketing consultation, contact VinceJoyn Web Marketing.